We specialize in custom printing. Pricing is based on quantities, inks, and papers. Unlike offset printing, letterpress printing lays down a single layer of color at a time, demanding more hands-on attention. Bring us in early in the production process by emailing preliminary design and any specifications, and we can put together an estimate.

All pricing will be supplied as an email based on the details 
you provide, we cannot provide pricing over the phone; however, we are happy to discuss your project if needed.

Reach us at 626 / 539 5582, but always follow up with an email.

What type of files can I send?

All type must be converted to outlines. Non vector images must be provided as a BITMAP TIF at 100% size with a minimum of 800 dpi. (1200 dpi is recommended) Any bitmap TIF images should be embedded.

How do you match my color?

We print using Solid UNCOATED Pantone inks, which can appear dramatically different on screen, please be sure to view a physical Pantone swatch book when selecting your colors. Our final print colors will not match your on-screen preview.

Why do you ask for layered files?

We need files that we can easily break apart and gang up together for plate making.